Our Projects

The work that EFFC looks to support broadly falls into two categories. The core pillars of conservation & welfare, and culture & education are of universal importance to Falconry and are fundamental to our remit. 


Conservation and welfare 

Projects concerned with the health of wild birds of prey, their quarry species and habitats are of great interest to EFFC. These can be in the form of funding for studies, field work, technology or expertise. Field work to ascertain the scale and causes of a conservation issue can often be costly and time-consuming but we welcome funding applications to assist with this. Falconers also have a deep and intimate understanding of the welfare needs of raptors and it is important that our huge fund of knowledge in this sector is supported and built upon. If your project will further this aim, we may be able to help you.  



Culture is a key element in safeguarding Falconry for future generations and ensuring that an indelible heritage is there to be enjoyed by the next generation. We also place great importance on education, especially of young people, about the conservation of raptor and prey species as well as the UNESCO-inscribed cultural values of Falconry