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About us

FALCONERS have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and specialised skills over millennia. Their passion for raptors, quarry species, hunting grounds and nature in general have shaped the Falconry community as a most qualified group when dealing with issues such as conservation, sustainable hunting traditions, culture and animal welfare.

It is widely accepted that falconers have for centuries initiated and led efforts to champion these causes, with the remarkable advances in techniques and expertise developing in tandem with our vision of a judicious use of natural resources. Falconers’ contributions have been numerous and hugely significant in the biological research of wild raptors, their quarry species and habitats, not to mention other fields such as veterinary science, ethology, captive breeding, rehabilitation, release and restoration techniques, innovative legislation aimed at better conservation measures, and the perpetuation of sensible hunting traditions through cross-generational education.

UNESCO has recognised Falconry as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind in 18 countries, nine of them European. Cultural expressions of Falconry have left a very colourful heritage that can be found in archaeology, historical accounts, literary descriptions, art history, place and family names, music and theatre. In Europe, there is a remarkable variety of these expressions in a relatively small geographic territory.

EFFC’s main objective is to perpetuate and enhance the role of falconers within a European (or European-linked) context by supporting and eventually funding projects in which falconers’ participation is relevant. For this, we will be focussing on two main areas: Conservation & Animal Welfare, and Culture & Education.

Our goal is to ensure that Falconry contributes to 21st-Century European society, helping to safeguard the things that we hold dear for our children and grandchildren. We know that Falconry has a knowledge and skills base that qualifies us to play a significant role in this – as our slogan puts it: “Bringing Falconry values to Europe's future.”

José Manuel Rodríguez-Villa, EFFC Chairman


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