Funding applications


The EFFC exists to champion Falconry as a living human heritage by supporting European initiatives that contribute to the conservation and welfare of species associated with Falconry, and initiatives that explore and promote the rich cultural heritage of Falconry.  

The EFFC will provide funding, or assist in the process of acquiring funds, for European-based projects in four thematic areas:

 1.     Conservation of raptors, their habitats or prey

2.     Health and welfare of raptors

3.     Cultural heritage of Falconry

4.     Education related to raptor conservation, welfare or cultural heritage

 The EFFC considers ‘Europe’ to comprise countries of the European Union and the wider geographical European region (including inter alia Iceland, Belorussia and Ukraine). Projects based outside Europe will be considered if there is a significant European link, such as migratory connectivity for birds of prey or continental-scale transmission of cultural links.

 The EFFC will consider project applications relating to any bird of prey (including all species of owls, vultures, eagles, hawks and falcons), their habitats or prey species (including game species).

To begin the process for applying for EFFC funding, please contact us using this form